This time of year is a good time to set some physie goals. These goals may include:

  • Remembering the syllabus
  • Achieving the splits
  • Becoming more steady in a balance
  • Overcoming the fear of performing
  • Increasing performance skills/confidence
  • Working to your marker
  • Helping a new student to improve
  • Keeping to a stretching routine

There are many things that you can work toward based on your personal strengths and needs. It is important to keep your goals about things YOU can control, rather than the competition results which you can’t control.

The 3 P’s

Once you have set your goal try to follow the 3 P’s.

Positive – keep a positive attitude and remain persistent

Possibility – the key to possibility is belief. Do you believe you can succeed and reach your goal? Do you believe you can earn it? Do you believe the goal is possible?

Proactive – the right attitude isn’t about thinking and belief alone. The right attitude includes realising you must roll up your sleeves and DO SOMETHING!  And the time to do something is TODAY!