1385326_10152539262235674_3253571642604237702_nThis time of year (affectionately known as “The Silly Season” – among other things) can be a time of pressure for teachers and competitors alike.  But what a delight to see such positive attitudes behind the scenes at the competitions – everyone being inclusive, friendly, helpful and generally full of joy, spreading the “physie love”.10305327_10204535033789726_8366634994586278531_n

These ladies don’t look the least bit stressed at their nationals – happy, relaxed and having a laugh.

Fiona feels blessed to be part of such an amazing physie family and says “a massive thank you” to Rachel from The Granite Belt club for lending her gorgeous hair bows for junior teams.

10613072_881636095187373_5830894274720793686_nLinda says “these gorgeous girls have been friends since they were 6….now they are all grown up and even though they live in different places every year they meet and hug, laugh and compete together…. This is why I love Physie!”

1002668_10152788708599654_5454410013856765792_nAnd Julie agrees “These girls show what physie is all about. They are from different clubs and have competed against each other since they were 5. At any competition when they see each other they always wish the other good luck.”

10308226_10152571684307690_2591927698808070513_nKaren from Whitehorse said their open senior team was thrilled with their second place but owe it all to their support crew.  “Three lovely ladies, who have been with the club for many years, flew from Melbourne to Sydney for the weekend WITH their new babies just to watch and cheer on their friends. Now that is what you call physie friendship.” And the seniors from Doncaster supported their teacher through tough times so that she could get the team to Sydney and represent their club.10671269_10153328911616562_7166525987618978746_n

And finally, Pam from Wallarah Point says that every Physie girl’s dream is to make nationals and be a champion but there is a prize that’s better by far and that’s being able to build friendships with Physie girls that last forever! BUT there is still something to me that feels so much more rewarding and that’s being a successful teacher.” 10169295_10205269030064880_963868561462308182_n

When one of Pam’s ladies who had returned to physie after nearly 20 years placed at zone as qualified for nationals, it was a memory Pam will treasure forever. She says “I cried so much happiness watching her march out on the floor. I don’t think there is a more rewarding feeling in the Physie world.”

Seems like Physie isn’t just dancing or sport, it’s a family.