Toe Rises

toe rise in 1stA toe rise is used often in physie and is a great way of building strength in your calf muscles.

To achieve a steady toe rise (without overbalancing) it is important that your posture is correct and your core is tight. Once your posture is correctly aligned it is important to ensure your weight is distributed evenly over your toes. Squeeze your thighs together and ensure your abdominal muscles are engaged. Keep your pelvis tucked in (ie your bottom under).toe rise in 2nd

Push through your feet and lift your heels ensuring your weight stays evenly distributed. Keep your heels together (unless you are at astride – picture 2)) and your knees straight.

It’s a common mistake to push weight over the big or little toe so try to avoid this. Try to push your weight forward over your middle toe. This will keep your feet perfectly aligned, help you to balance and will avoid sickling.