Half Square Kneel

Tips for making a correct half square kneel

  • Ensure your front leg makes a square
  • The front foot is turned out slightly but not the front leg (keep your shin vertical)
  • Tighten abdominals to create a strong core and maintain a straight line down body to supporting knee
  • Ensure pelvis is under and body is lifted up out of the hips
  • Ensure hips are level – one isn’t higher than the other
  • Keep head in line with spine
  • Ensure the supporting foot is flat on the floor and that the instep of the back foot is pressed into the floor
  • If arms are at sides, ensure they are pulled straight down and follow the line of your body800_6469.
  • If you have a good position at half square kneel, it will be much easier to push to standing from this position without pushing forward into the front knee or leaning the body forward.  The body posture should remain erect while pushing to stand from half square kneel.