Sickling or rolling in are terms often used at physie when students have issues with ankle alignment. Sickling is also called supination and is when a student is standing on the outside of their feet. Supination or sickling can occur in a toe point, when rising on toes or when the leg is lifted. It occurs when the student doesn’t possess the strength or muscle memory to maintain proper alignment. When sickling, the foot is misshaped and the foot is scooped down with the heel too far back.  The opposite of sickling is winging, where the foot is aligned perfectly, with sufficient turnout at the ankle.

sickled on rise


proper line on rise


How to Avoid Sickling

  • When pointing your foot, never allow the big toe to point inward.
  • Your weight must never rest on the little toe, but must be spread evenly among all of the toes on the foot.
  • When rising on toes, always push your weight forward over your middle toe, not over your little toe.
  • Always ask your teacher to help you!