This week our tip is about stretching your glutes – these are the muscles in your buttocks and there are 3 different ones.  It’s important to do a range of glute stretches to keep the muscles at a healthy length and to help prevent back and leg injury or pain.

Here’s some simple ones to start with (for gluteus maximus) and we’ll introduce some others down the track…  The simplest stretch is to sit in ‘tailor sit’ (legs crossed) and reach forward (pic 1). 89

You can also sit upright and cross one leg over the other with the knee turned out (pic 2).  This can also be done sitting in a chair or even standing up with the supporting leg bent.

Another great way is to lie on your back, cross your right leg over your left (knee turned out) and grasp your left thigh. This stretch is a bit harder to achieve but disengages your back and allows you to relax through the stretch. (pic 3 + 4). Remember to always breathe, don’t stretch through pain and DO BOTH LEGS!







Diagram of the 3 Gluteal Muscles