This week is a move to help your back flexibility and strengthen your abs at the same time. Start lying on your back, then raise your legs to the ceiling until they touch the floor behind your head (or just as far as you can comfortably go). Use your hands to support your back.


Step 1

Your back should be rounded.  When we dance and do physie we often arch our back, so it’s important to stretch it in the opposite direction too and this move is ideal for that. So now for the ab strengthening…

Lower your hands to the floor and slowly roll down, with a rounded back, lifting your feet just off the floor.


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4

Continue to control the roll down, making sure your abs are turned ON, until your bottom is on the floor and your toes are to the ceiling.

When your are strong enough to do this without rushing the roll down, in a smooth motion taking at least 5 seconds, then you are ready for Part 2!

Turn on your abs and push into your hands to slowly touch your feet behind your head.  In other words go from Step 4 to Step 1.

Remember to breathe and take things easy, always using your abs not your back.