The future of physie is looking great. Last week we held our 2nd Physie Camp for future teachers and the 33 brilliant young women who attended spent 3 days learning how to be the best physie teacher they can possibly be. Most admitted they were pretty tired by the end of it, which is not surprising given the massive program of full-on workshops in everything from leadership and communication, to technique and teaching, to choreography and dance.

There were plenty of games, brainstorming, group work, a trivia quiz, movie and possibly the most hilarious “Technique Olympics” ever seen! But probably the most rewarding thing was the bonding between the girls from so many different clubs.

We were astounded at their level of intellect, maturity and thoughtfulness which made the workshops a collaborative learning process. Their enthusiastic participation and willingness to get outside their comfort zone and try something new (no matter how scary) was impressive.

The seniors teachers from their clubs who nominated them for camp should be immensely proud of them.

We can’t wait for the next Physie Camp in 2019!