Six year old Emma isn’t frightened by an audience at all.  Last Saturday she took the microphone on the centre stage at Warringah Mall Shopping Centre to tell everyone about physie.

Emma belongs to the Mosman Physie Club, who joined forces with Balgowlah and Freshwater clubs for a combined display of physie to promote our great sport.  It’s wonderful to see clubs getting together, not only to promote physie, but to provide performance opportunities for their girls.

There were 80 girls performing BJP exercise and dance routines from ages 3 to 15 and, for some, it was their first ever public performance.  The girls danced with big smiles and enthusiasm and the audience was captivated by their physical control and obvious self-discipline.

The parents of the performers were both amazed and delighted at the confidence and poise of the girls.  The teachers too were proud of the girls and one said, “The most rewarding thing to see is when one of your students who lacks self-confidence and has never performed before gets on stage, remembers the dance routines and has a great experience.  You see them come off stage with a beaming smile and feeling really good about themselves.  That’s what makes teaching all worthwhile.”

If you’d like your daughter to benefit from all that physie has to offer, call us on 02 9858 5122 to find your nearest BJP Physie club.