Here’s the last in the series on Mums and Daughters.  We’ve been overwhelmed with the response to just how much mums love doing physie with their daughters and how much daughters love doing physie with their mums!  Here’s our last few quotes on the subject…

“Physie is like the constant – it’s always there – mums and daughters can have up and down days and yes, we disagree sometimes too, but when we go to physie together, everything is okay again. We both love physie and we want to be there – and it feels right that we are there together.”

“There’s an inherent understanding between you and your mum when you both do physie – when you’re nervous, she gets why, when you’re excited, she gets that too – and vice versa.”

“To be blessed with a daughter is one thing, to be blessed with a daughter who does Physie is another thing, to be blessed with a daughter who teaches Physie is the icing on the cake! I count my blessings every time I watch my daughter do Physie and teach Physie. Our Physie history is multi-generational … her grandmother still does Physie at the age of 73! 

Being mother and daughter means that our love and support of each other is unconditional. We’re there for each other during the ups and downs of Physie and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Our daughters are so precious when they’re little and then, inevitably, they grow up.  We watch with pride as they create their own lives and become separate from us.  Thank God for physie – the one thing I know we will be able to share, that unique and very special connection, and we’ll have it always.”