“Empower” is one of the most commonly used words at BJP and with very good reason.

Physie teachers are very special people who get the opportunity to empower girls and women of all ages on a regular basis.  Physie teachers empower girls to be active, fit and healthy and they are there for us every week with a big smile on their face, ready to work by our side to  help us achieve our personal best.

We are so lucky to have such dedicated and passionate role models and teachers involved at BJP physie.
Be sure to thank your teacher today!
We received this message from a very grateful Physie mum who wanted to share her story and remind us about the impact that our wonderful teachers have on their students.
“I have recently had a moment that embraces the Physie family, and although we were on the receiving end of this directly I am sure many parents of physie girls experience the encouragement that the dedicated teachers invest to build and develop strong girls.
With many interclubs occurring at this time of the year, girls have the opportunity to show their dances and their efforts of many hours of practice. Sometimes they are not recognised for their hard work by placing in the competition. For my 9 year old daughter this was the situation she faced.
It was this week, a few days after the interclub that she read the notes that had been kept by her teacher. I have written these below as these words have made her smile and revisited what makes her an amazing physie girl!
Congratulations on doing well at both interclubs. I know it wasn’t easy for you but I have to say I am proud to be your teacher. The way you handled yourself afterwards and how you congratulated the other girls even though you were upset was really lovely to see. That shows me that you are such a caring person with a lovely heart. It means more to me how people treat each other than is does getting a place.
I know this practice would be happening within many clubs, but I wanted to know that if this is shared  at any stage that the teacher will recognise her work and the impact she has..
I hope you will use this situation and small anecdote to continue publishing the impact teachers have on their students.”