It’s easy to say but what does it mean?

It means that any girl or woman, regardless of how they look, can have a go at Physie, learn to dance, participate in competitions and feel good about themselves. It’s a big statement but we stand by it.  Physie is all about moving your body to music in a very structured way to perfect routines and skills.  And it’s got nothing to do with your skin, hair, beauty or body shape!

We received a message from a mum whose daughter had a poor body image but found acceptance at Physie. Her confidence grew exponentially.  Her mum said “from the depths of my heart I thank you for your encouragement. You made Lily feel good about herself.” And Lily’s not alone. Physie is putting the FEEL GOOD back into dancing.

With girls as young as 6 years old experiencing anxiety about their bodies and feeling that they don’t measure up, Physie is the perfect place for girls to stop looking in the mirror and start moving to music with a smile on their face.

Women too can feel intimidated by today’s culture of worshiping perfection. Many won’t set foot in a dance class or gym simply because of how they look. No matter what your shape or size, Physie is GOOD FOR YOU.  Physie classes for ladies are a ‘come as you are’ space.  We actually acknowledge that women have bellies and boobs and it’s okay! Get your gear on and get to Physie, dance, sweat, get strong, laugh and know that the woman next to you is just like you.

Don’t make an excuse for your body or who you are. Get to Physie now and get Physie Proud.