Tahlia is a physie mum with a lot on her plate!  She belongs to East Orange physie club where she is in the Intermediate Ladies class.  She has 5 children under the age of 7 and her sixth is due in November!! But that didn’t stop her from travelling to Sydney with her girls to compete at the Winston Hills Interclub – Harriet in the 7 years, Dorothy in the 5 years and Celeste in the pre-schoolers.IMG_9540

And it was a very special day… they all won first place and grandma was there to watch it all.

But winning is not the most important thing for Tahlia.  She says, “I love how we can all do physie together. We get to learn together, workout together, encourage one another and enjoy each other’s company. Physie has been so great for our bond as a family. It has been the perfect way to bring our girls together.”gray sisters Orange low rez

She’s not alone in that thought.  Physie mums, daughters, sisters, cousins and grandmas are enjoying their physie together all over the country.

Emma Seale sums it all up, “Physie is life – a family to us and there is nothing better than dancing with your sister.”

proud mum perth perth 2 mum does hair IMG_9539 IMG_9537 IMG_9520 IMG_9510 hannah and rebkah Orange Grounds girls winston hill eve and jade Seale girls