Sienna felt a bit overwhelmed being the only 8 year old to perform in the first flashmob for the day and the butterflies got the better of her, she made a few mistakes and went off to her mother crying part way through her routine. With a lot of encouragement she wiped the tears away and went back on. She was still stumbling a little and her face showed her nerves. Halayna, a 9 year old from another club was watching from the audience and knowing how this felt after having a similar experience herself, she ran out into the middle of the flashmob and started to perform beside Sienna. The girls both finished the performance strong with massive smiles on their faces… feeling very proud of themselves and what they had achieved.

Sienna’s mum says that this was a great lesson for all 3 of her daughters. “Sienna made lots of new friends and when it was over, was asking if she could do it again next year! All the ladies were so wonderful to Sienna – I’m grateful for their encouragement and kindness.”

Halayna’s mum watching with tears in her eyes as she watched her daughter overcome her own nerves to help another person. Physie girls do what they have to do!

The girls came off smiling and chatting, exchanging names and clubs only to discover that they will meet up at their first interclub for the year!

A life long Physie friendship has been formed.