BJP’s had a lot of enquiries lately about the rules for coming back to physie. So here they are:

* If your club isn’t with BJP any more you can register with any BJP club at any time in 2012.

* If it’s after 15th March, you have to register with the last club you went to (unless that club is no longer with BJP).

* If you register before 15th March it’s $50 and after that it’s $55.

* If you are a lady and you’ve been away from BJP Physie for 15 years or more you can be a 1st year lady for champion girl.

BJP physie girls are always welcome back! Whether you’ve been away for a month or 20 years, it doesn’t matter why you left, our doors are always open.  There would never be any discrimination and everyone’s welcome back to the BJP Physie Family.  We’re all about being inclusive and providing fairness and equality for all, no matter what.

So, there’s no time like the present… bring a friend back to physie today!!