Every Thursday afternoon at a physie hall in Hinchinbrook, something unusual happens.  The girls pour through the door in their physie gear ready for class, then they dig out the coins they’ve brought along and drop them in a money-box.

Why? Because this is no ordinary box – the money collected here each month sponsors a child that these girls may never meet in a country they may never visit.  The child’s name is Blessed, she is 5 years old and she lives inZimbabwe.

It all started during the preparation of last year’s physie Christmas party when the girls’ teacher “Miss Cheryl” realised just how fortunate her girls were, even those who come to class from difficult family situations.  It was time to give to someone who has so very little and, of all the children needing help on the World Vision website, one little girl seemed an obvious choice.

Blessed Chikanya lives with her aunt because she has no other family.  The children in her village face the challenges of food shortage, malnutrition, unsafe drinking water, disease and lack of education due to extreme poverty.  The club’s monthly gift helps World Vision to address these problems and it’s the physie girls, not their parents, who are contributing the money.

They exchange letters with Blessed which are translated from the Shona language and send her birthday and Christmas cards.  They get updates about her progress which are displayed in the hall for all to read.

We all feel like we miss out on things sometimes but the physie girls at Hinchinbrook know that they are providing real help to a young person who is just like them but who truly does have a hard life.  Here’s what they say about it…

Georgia Budd – 6yrs

‘It’s good we give to Blessed so she can have clean water and more clothes.’

Charlotte Nagamine – 8yrs

‘We do it to help her and give her family more supplies. It also helps to give her family more money.’

Laura McLenaghan – 9yrs

‘I like helping to sponsor Blessed because I want her to have a happy life. It has helped me become more caring and generous.’

Katrina Jelavic – 12yrs

‘It’s great helping Blessed to have fun and get a good education. I do chores to earn money to put in the box. It’s great to help. I’m proud.’