While reading some recent posts about physie, Kristy Bennis was inspired to share a story of her own…

“This is probably one of the most common stories found in physie but it is probably one of the best to be told.

A few too many years ago in a hall in Liverpool two mothers, mine and Bryanan’s, attended a physical culture class. That day they went to a class believing they would find pointed toes and turnout but they found much more. That day a lifelong friendship was formed. Little did they know that this would mark the beginning of a friendship that would last decades and would continue through future generations.

Bryanan and I have been friends now for 20 years and this photo was taken last year at team competitions with our daughters.  Bryanan’s daughter, Annelise, is not even 2 years old but has started in the babies class already and is loving it.  We hope that one day our daughters, just like us, will enjoy that bond of physie friendship. And their daughters… and their daughters… and their daughters…”

Kristy Bennis