“Physie dreams DO come true! I have done physie since I was 5 (I’m now 28) and have only missed 2 years due to travelling. I never ever placed at junior zone and I never made an Opera House final as a senior. This year is my second year as a Lady and today I WON my zone!!! I am beside myself and it when it hit me I just cried with happiness the whole way home!

I have (and have had) some wonderful teachers in my life and my physie friends are like family. I do physie because I LOVE it. I love the people, the competitions, the friendship, the fun and the exercise.

This year I worked my butt off and now I’m off to Nationals for the first time ever! All I wanted was 5th place to get me a ticket
there but (and I hope no-one thinks I’m tooting my own horn here) … I got 1st  which far exceeded my expectations.

Sometimes I see girls at the Opera House who are disappointed when they miss out on a place.  It upsets me because I know there are others out there that would DREAM just to be on that floor where they are. I wish they would be proud of themselves for making it to the Opera House.

I think we should all work hard and appreciate our achievements, big and small, as well as our team mates. I LOVE PHYSIE and I will always come back every year regardless of the outcome.”