Among all the things that people send in for the blog, there is sometimes such cuteness that it just MUST be shared with the physie world. 

So here’s some classic shots, starting with Grace who is 2 years old but can already do all of the 5-6yr syllabus and most of the ladies too! She can’t get enough of physie loves watching her mum compete.

When asked about physie she starts a stream of chatter about how she is going to have “curled hair and pink lipstick and a blue leotard and do pretty physie just like mummy”.  A future champion perhaps… but most importantly, she will certainly have a life-long love of physie.  And here we have Mikayla who loves to wear the same colour leotard as mum – last year it was green and this year it will be pink. How wonderful for girls to be able to share something like physie with their mum and learn, from an early age, the importance of regular exercise for women.

Send us YOUR cute pix…