Recently we have had Physie classes start up in London and Bali. We are so excited that our passion for Physie is spreading around the world!
The Bali classes are located in Canggu which is in the north west of Bali , around 1 hour from Kuta.
When people ask Vanessa why she wanted to offer Physie classes there, it pretty simple to find the answer. Can you imagine living in a place with no Physie?
Vanessa and her family have lived in Bali now for 3 years and when they extended their time to live in Bali they decided there was only one thing missing….   a place the girls could go to meet with their friends and do Physie.
Vanessa’s 11 year old daughter who really wasn’t a fan of Bali now says, ” I like living in Bali now mum because there is Physie!”
The London Physie girls meet once a week and have been focusing on the senior and ladies routines. They are having a great time working together and are enjoying the new support network that they have created in their home away from home.
If you would like any information about the London or Bali classes, please call us on 029 8585 122 for further information.