The 2015 physie year will be a very different one for Jayne Cosgrove.  Her family is heading off tomorrow on a trip around Australia and Jayne will be ‘home schooled’ along the way.  But Jayne is a passionate physie girl who has no intention of missing out on physie classes! So BJP has provided her with club contacts at physie classes all over the country, so that she can drop in for a lesson in whatever state she happens to be in.

She says, “I can’t wait to explore the wonderful country we live in and share this experience with my supportive parents who will take me to physie clubs around Australia to meet people like myself with a passion for Physie . My mum has already made contact with some clubs in Victoria and I can’t wait to join them for a class and make new friends. Making the finals at Nationals 2014 was a highlight in my Physie journey and I have my heart set on the Opera House this year. I know I will give each class I join along the way 100% effort and I will be looking forward to anything I can learn from many teachers around the country. It will be a fantastic opportunity that I will be very grateful for and I’m so excited to meet other girls with a passion for Physie around Australia.”

We look forward to Jayne’s news from her travels…

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