Back in January, Sarah Jukes, a classical ballet dancer, wrote a blog “6 Reasons Why Ballet Dancers Make Awesome Employees”.  On reading it, it became clear that the same reasons apply to physie girls and the reasons they tend to do well at school. So what are the characteristics of a physie girl that make her a great student?

TEACHABLE – physie girls have to learn technique, focus, listen in class, trust their teacher, accept being critiqued and respect that their teacher is the expert.

HARD WORKERS – Physie girls know that what you get out is what you put in.  They love their physie and their passion makes them dedicated.  They are ready to work hard.

FAST LEARNERS – Physie girls develop great listening skills, concentration and sequencing memory – all perfect skills for in-class learning at school or uni.

FLEXIBLE – not just physically but mentally, physie girls have to adapt to change – the syllabus changes, the patterns and their positions. They learn to cope with that.

WELL-PREPARED – stretching, strengthening, warming up and practising outside of class time are all part of preparing for the physie comp season – just like a study plan prepares you for exams. Physie girls know the value of being prepared.

TEAM PLAYERS – physie is a team sport where girls dance in sync and are marked not just on how they dance but on teamwork.  This is a key skill for learning to work together – in school group projects, study groups, school sport and, eventually, when entering the workforce.

With thanks to Sarah Jukes for her valuable insights.