Erin Shirtliff attends Liverpool Physical Culture Club and was the winner of the 21/22 years section in 2016.

Physie has been a big part of her life since she was three years old. Even though she was too young to join classes, her physie teacher gave her a marker at the back of her sisters classes; and from there she never looked back.

Here is her story.

“I have three older sisters and a supportive mum who have all helped me grow into the physie girl I am today. We practice together throughout the year and support each other when it comes to competition season and nothing makes us happier than watching each other perform.
When we were younger, mum would make us practice our marching up and down the hall way continuously. Sometimes my dad would join in too.

During my teenage years I studied RAD Ballet at The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio, and I attended Newtown High School of the Performing Arts where I received extensive contemporary and classical training for years 11 and 12.
Following high school I pursued further training and studied ballet full-time. I eventually decided to start teaching ballet and dance which I love to do along side running a stretch and strength class at my physie club and teaching the 13/-1st year class as well as working full time as a legal secretary.

Taking extra dance classes outside of physie has really helped my performance skills and technique when it comes to competing in Champion Girl and at the Opera House. Before competitions I take extra classes to increase my stamina, strength and flexibility.

I love Physie because it is very unique compared to other dance styles. I do physie because of the choreography, the different styles in each exercise and the unique movements.

I love competing in teams and Champion Girl alongside my family and extended physie family. I am very thankful for a wonderful teacher and the life long friends I have made at my club, they are amazing people.

I love physie and cannot see myself ever giving it up.”