It seems our Senior National Finals event is a sell out again this year for the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House.  Because this is a public event, the Opera House does the ticketing through their box office and we cannot sell tickets. Tickets are allocated on a random ballot and BJP has no influence on who gets tickets.

We once tried moving the finals to the Entertainment Centre, which has more seats, but the event did not have the same feel and public opinion was that the Opera House is much preferred.  So there we shall stay and we feel privileged that the Opera House continues to grant us the opportunity to hire this prestigious and iconic venue.

Every year many people miss out on tickets and there are also those who didn’t order tickets and suddenly find their daughter has qualified to compete at the Opera House. Conversely, there are those who buy tickets but no longer require them. No-one has contacted us with any of these yet so if you have tickets to sell, please let us know.

When people phone us in the office wanting tickets, we keep a waitlist of names and, should we hear of any tickets becoming available we put those on the waitlist in touch with those who wish to sell their tickets.  Preference is given to those who are actually competing on the night. There are currently 40 people on the waitlist wanting a total of 130 tickets and it is extremely unlikely we will be able to help all of these people out so we have now had to close the waitlist.

The Opera House reserves a small block of tickets for us which we give to our Zone Heads as a small way of saying thankyou for all the unpaid work they do for us during the year. There are also some ‘trust seats’ which the Opera House reserves for their own use.  Each year they release some, all or none of them to us in the week leading up to the event.  Should any of these become available, again we would give preference to competitors.

We do hope that those people who are looking for tickets manage to secure some.