Ladies and girls love Physie for so many reasons and have participated in this wonderful sport for the past 130 years to enhance their physical, emotional, social and mental health. There are so many benefits though that you’ve probably never even thought about!

Learning set choreography takes a sense of commitment, endurance and resilience. This can have broader positive impacts upon learning and translate into increased focus and attention leading to improvements in cognition and memory.

It can also help with improving body and spatial awareness, that is awareness of where your body begins and ends. Increased body awareness can aid with regulating stress within the body.  When anxiousness or stress overwhelms, the self control and body awareness that Physie teaches can help to regulate and manage emotions. The body will release endorphins as you participate in your weekly class, which makes you happy!!

You might be surprised how much it could change your life….

There are BJP Physie locations Australia-wide so give us a call on 02 9858 5122 and we’ll find your nearest club.  Or send us an email at