At BJP Physie, our teachers are not than just ‘teachers’.  They are the pride of our fleet – Associates of our organisation, representatives of this great sport and it’s long history.  They embody our ethics, our principles and and our strongest wish that good sportsmanship will always prevail.  These ladies in red give their all at class all year then, when comp time comes around, they work even harder to ensure that the competitions run like clockwork, that everyone is welcome and is looked after and that the day is run with fairness and professionalism.  associates southern zone some missing associates nepean zone

But that’s not the end of the story… These Associates have girls competing too! “As a Physie teacher, the hopes and aspirations of your girls are felt twice over when you watch them compete and hold your breath.  When their dream isn’t realised, you cry with them and when they do reach their goals, your joy is even greater than theirs.”  To all the ladies in red… from Wynnum to Whitehorse, from Westcoast to Wallsend, all 400 of you, we say “Thank You” on behalf of all the competitors.started at 22 yrs, 2nd place interclub image1image

Lachlan Valley United teachers