The Repechage competition on the weekend was a great event, filled with excitement as many girls competed at a national event for the first time, some travelling great distances to take part.  One little 7 year from Queensland showed us all what true sportsmanlike character is really all about.

Sophie was lucky enough to be placed 3rd, along with a class mate who placed 5th.  But there were 3 friends all competing from this club and there was one girl who didn’t place and she was naturally very upset.  As soon as 5th place was announced, Sophie ran over to her friend to hug and console her.  She was more concerned about making sure her friend was okay than she was excited about making Nationals. The audience were right behind Sophie for being such a great sport (with more than a few welling up a little).

Teacher Kerrianne says “I’m proud that we as teachers, along with their parents, have instilled such great sportsmanship in the girls.  They have such a strong friendship and it means more to them than any prize.  I couldn’t be prouder of the way they handled themselves.  Three gorgeous girls who will be friends for life.”