What’s been happening in physie classes this year?  Well, lots of girls and ladies doing physie for a start!  Check out these photos of Woy Woy preschoolers looking sooooo cute (note the paparazzi taking photos) and the ladies class at Cronulla – if this class keeps growing, they’re going to need a bigger hall!

In other news:
– At Penrith, they start them young!

– At Rouse Hill, you get a physie cup cake at your first lesson.

– At Mortdale, an extremely brave 12 year old Jess is determined to learn the syllabus while recovering from a broken leg.  She can use both arms and one leg so nothing is going to stop her!

– And in Wallsend, Mary Manton bids a fond farewell to her much loved students as she retires (well, for the time being – we hope she’ll come back to teaching one day!) and Kylee Bootland and Sue Goswell take over the club.  We wish them every success.

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