My name is Ashleigh and this year I started Beachside Physical Culture Club, located on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW. As a mum of 3 boys, Beachside is my baby girl and my happy place. The place I can enjoy and share my love of physie, where girls and ladies come to be supported, encouraged and empowered. It’s a place where friendships are built and family is created.

When I joined Merrylands club at age 3, I absolutely loved Physie. Every year I grew, built friendships and danced my heart out. I remember mum sending me to school with my hair in curlers and nights spent tanning in the shower. Over the years, physie has changed so much, developing into a complete dance sport.

In my teen years Physie helped me train for Synchronised Swimming. During the years of international comps, I met many people and was often asked what extra training I did to excel as a Synchronised Swimmer. My answer: Physie. “What is Physie?” they asked. “It’s just like Synchro, but on land!” was my answer. The strength, posture, grace and expression all went hand-in-hand with my chosen sport.

I had a break from Physie but, after starting a family and moving to the Central Coast, my love for it was reignited. One day, while helping my teammates and feeling elated at their success, it hit me! I always knew I wanted to teach and I felt the time was right to start. With no teaching positions available at my club I took a leap of faith and decided to start my very own club. With support from friends, family and BJP, I was ready to help others build and embrace their love of Physie.

By the end of 2018 Beachside became a reality. I had a committee and a wonderful friend and co-teacher, Michelle. We decided to start the year with a bang and host an Open Day. Many new faces came through our doors and excitement began to build. When classes started our little community hall was full. I remember saying to my committee “I’d be happy with 10 members, let’s start small and build from the ground up.” But now we have 60 happy members and we are simply blown away!

The girls turn up every week with a smile from ear to ear, excited to be learning their syllabus and enjoying class. Friendships are building and each week the feeling of family grows stronger. As a teacher, Beachside has exceeded all my expectations. I feel so privileged to be on this journey and to be running such a beautiful club and I can’t wait for the remainder of the year. I encourage all mums, grandmas, daughters, sisters, aunts and granddaughters to try Physie! No matter where you are there is most likely a club near you. Give it a go! You have nothing to lose and may your physie journey be as fulfilling as mine has been.