PhysieMy Physie idols are my Physie teacher Mandy and my Mum. Mandy has taught me since I was really young and I have learnt so many things over the years. Mandy has not only taught me to point my toes, have good posture and straighten my arms –  and all of the technique that you need to be an amazing Physie girl – but she has also taught me to believe in myself and to never give up.

My Mum has always had a positive attitude and energy towards Physie. She has always encouraged me to try my best and has shown me that it’s ok to fail – that Physie isn’t all about winning but about having fun and enjoying being with my friends.

I have enjoyed doing Physie and it has been great getting to know all of my Physie friends. Physie has taught me so much and I hope that I keep doing it for a long time.
Jessica Mulhearn

Warners Bay