We are excited to launch our newest series for the BJP blog “My New Physie Friend.”
At the upcoming interclubs and zone competitions, we would love YOU to meet a new physie friend from another club and find out all about them.  Then you can share their story with everyone!Waiting-in-heats
Ask them a few questions, take some photos with them and send it all to us at physicalculture@bigpond.com
You are the journalist so… what should you ask them?  We would love to hear about their physie journey, why they love physie and maybe even what they are looking forward to in the future!
The word limit for the story is 300 words and the photos need to be jpegs and not too small.
We will publish as many stories on our blog as we can.  At the end of the series the story that everyone loves the most will win a cool Physie Pack from BJP.
Physie has a wonderful way of bringing people together and forming lifelong friendships. It’s just another reason why we love Physie so much! So pack your pad and pencil ready for the interclubs and start reporting!