One of the mums at Maddison’s physie club sent her this story of her daughter, Niamh, an adorable member of the Preschooler dance class…  “Niamh has been playing “Miss Maddison” with her teddy bears for the past few weeks, teaching them to march, turn their feet out and find their places. You would think after 29 years of physie I would have the positions down pat, but apparently not! I was practicing with the DVD today when Niamh stopped me and said, “No mum, not like that, like this”, pointing to her turned out feet and her pointed toes! I think we have a physie teacher in the making here!”  Maddison says, “Isn’t it funny what the little ones pick up from class? Stories like this are why I love being a BJP physie teacher. It makes me feel like I’m making a difference, even if it’s teaching a 4 year old to correct her mum’s physie!”