“These 2 girls barely knew each other except as competitors at their local physie club, Wynnum Manly. After a very successful year last year both girls made it through to the National competition in Sydney. After a lot of hard practice together and a wonderful trip to Sydney, a great friendship developed with the basis being their love of dance.
Now they are the best of friends and love spending time together on and off the Physie floor. On the same day as a competition, they will still get out there and be typical kids – riding dirt bikes together! Not many dirt bike riders go out there with their Physie hair and makeup still done.
Physie for these 2 girls has been a great place to make lasting friendships outside of a school environment and to build great sportsmanship on and off the dance floor! Here’s a hope for many more years to come!”

Thank you for sharing your story! We love to see how physie brings girls together and fosters lifelong friendships.