Last weekend was an exciting time for Launceston physie.  We attended our first competition as a club when we visited the Doncaster for their interclub.  There were only 3 of us competing, but it was still very exciting.  We have all moved down to Tasmania this year and started the brand-new Launceston Physie Club.  Not many people know what physie is down here in Tassie, and it’s been a lot of fun introducing them to our much-loved sport.  As we’re a brand-new club and have had a very busy year just moving here, we haven’t had time to organise a club uniform.  Whilst we were waiting at Launceston airport, we saw some Launceston hoodies in the airport gift shop. They didn’t have all of the right sizes, but we made it work, and club jackets done!  They ended up working well to make us look like a club and to keep us warm on the big cold snap that hit Melbourne that day. It was great to be surrounded by people who know and love physie as much as we do.  Thank you so much to all of the Melbourne clubs and associates for being so welcoming to all of us. An extra exciting part for us was that each of our 3 competitors received a place!  We look forward to coming up to the zone competition in October to meet up with our new friends from Melbourne again.


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