On Saturday, 115 of BJP’s physie teachers were lucky enough to have Kelley Abbey as guest presenter at their conference.  Kelley is Australia’s most outstanding dancer and choreographer, best known for her choreography of the Oscar-winning smash Happy Feet  and Aussie TV’s So You Think You Can Dance. No-one understands dance and movement like Kelley and, with a deep sense of joy, she brings her passion to others through her inspiring workshops.


Her workshop at the conference was all about bringing out “the actor in your dancer” and learning to control the energy of your movement. Our teachers performed for Kelley and were critiqued on body awareness, lines created, character roles, freeing up the movement and allowing the expression to emerge.  Just some of the comments from teachers were “she is so inspiring”, “just being in the room with her defies words!” and “totally amazing – I will never forget it.”

Thank you Kelley!