Physie, it seems, is not just great for girls and woman but also for their families as well.   Ann Parkin says “We are so very lucky to have found not only a sport but a club that is so family-orientated, fun and enjoyable.”   Ann’s story begins 12 months ago…
Taylah“I was very shy and had zero confidence around people I didn’t know. Just the thought of doing something that meant I had to talk to people I didn’t know made me feel sick. My daughter has always been a bright, bubbly, outgoing little girl, until she had an audience. Then she would go shy and want to hide behind something big.

One day she came home from school with a leaflet for a BJP Physie club. She was so excited and begged me to look into it. Her teacher had done Physie when she was a little girl and had told her how wonderful it was and how much she loved it. So, we made the call.

Now came the classes! This is where I had to overcome my fear. The first few classes I just sat quietly in the corner and watched. After a while there would be a few hellos, then I would find my way into my corner, rushing out at the end of the lesson for fear of having to speak to someone.

After the club held a family fun day I found myself opening up a little as I had started to feel more comfortable with the other mums and dads.

Fast forward to the competitions. I was just the proudest mum in the whole world! Watching my baby standing up there, performing her little heart out without even so much as a flinch at the fact that there were so many people watching.

And so, today….. when we go to Physie, I walk in with my head held high. I smile at all the mums and say a friendly ‘Hi’ as I find myself a chair right in the middle of them all. My little girl jumps out of the car and runs to her friends and just cant wait to catch up with them all cause she hasn’t seen them for a whole week.

Because of Physie, our family has made some great forever friends. Because of Physie, we have seen our little girl grow and shine and because of Physie I feel more confident.”

Thanks Ann for sharing your wonderful story.


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