Now that the DVDs have been posted out (today) it’s time to tell you about the BJPop!  In the Special Features section of your DVD you will find Brooke, Kamya and Laura doing a new dance called the BJPop!

It’s a dance that’s just for fun and it’s for all BJP physie girls to learn if they want to do more dancing.  There’s a fast version to music, then a slowed down version, walking through the steps.

If you are lucky enough to make the junior nationals this year, you’ll be doing the BJPop for the finale.  But the BJPop is for everyone – maybe all the girls in your club can do it for the mums and dads at the end-of-year presentations or perhaps the next time your club does a physie display they can include this dance.  Talk to you teacher about your ideas for the BJPop!

We hope you enjoy it!