A dance class that will help shape the person she becomes in her life.

A dance class that will teach her to sit with her shoulders back, to walk with her head held high, to be confident in front of her peers during class presentations and then, later in life, to become a confident young woman ready to take her part in the ‘real world.’

A dance class where no matter what level you are at, it is expected and encouraged that you do your best and strive to reach your own personal goals.  One that teaches you to work as a team as well as an individual – just like in life.

I started Physie at the age of four and returned without hesitation each year for the next 17 years of my life.  For six of those years I taught what I loved to other girls and women of all ages.   Then I travelled around the world by myself, confidently, got married and had two little girls.

As a defence family we lived in areas with no physie clubs.  This meant nine years of no Physie in my life, missing it more and more each year. I never did forget about my Physie and knew I would return one day.

Finally we moved to a town just 2 minutes away from a physie club. And the teacher was someone who I’d grown up doing Physie with!  She is an absolute inspiration to me.

I can’t describe how right it felt for me to be doing Physie again. It was like time had stood still – like I had never left. Friendships were instantly rekindled. There was an instant feeling of belonging in a whole new club for me and my 5 year old daughter.  All because of that bond.

Unlike other dance classes Physie goes back to the basics! It is best described as “a bit of everything”. It’s a fantastic way to prepare your daughters’ mind, body and soul for every other sport or hobby she will want to be involved in throughout her life. It is pure physical activity without all the glitz and expense of other dance styles. Just your specially chosen leotard, a touch of makeup, a few bobby pins and lots of hairspray to spoil yourself at competition time.

In 2012, I introduced Taylar to her first year of Physie. It gave my Mum and I so much pleasure to watch.  I’m so happy she’s enjoying it and can only hope that she gets half as much from having BJP Physie in her life as I did in mine.  I am the confident young woman today (with great posture in photos) because of Physie, and because of the Physie bond that lasts forever.



March 3rd, 2024|

BJP Physie has always been the perfect place for preschool girls to learn the first basics of dancing.

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March 1st, 2024|

Following on from last weeks tip of the week!! https://youtu.be/_zfgm-KjNlA?si=czFCiV2r5qm2bymW  

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