Chantelle and student SophieHere’s a message from little 6 year old Sophie Edmonds: she would like to say how much she loves her “Second Physie Mum” Miss Channy!  According to Sophie’s mum, the two things about physie Sophie loves most are making new friends and running off the floor with excitement to show Miss Channy her badge!!

Physie teachers play an important role in their students lives – one of stability, caring, encouragement and empowerment.  Being a positive role model is a key part of being a physie teacher – teaching girls how to work towards goals, how to win and lose and how to be good sports.  And it’s not just the older teachers but all of our young up and coming teachers too.
Phoebe and the 5-8 year class

At a club in Qld they have older physie girls who are “Physie Fairy Helpers”, assisting in classes with the 5-6 year class.  The lady at the desk overhead a comment recently from a little girl who had just had a trial lesson.  She says “I heard the sweetest thing sitting outside physie last night – a new little girl ran out to her mum and said “that big girl in there, the one with the wings on, she talked to me and she even knew my name!”  I think this sums up just how important first impressions are but also what a huge influence our young teachers have.  I just love how older girls can be such powerful and positive role models to girls so young.”