We were recently sent these posts from the BJP Chat fb page, so we thought we’d share them…

  • Kat : It’s my family.
  • Melanie : It’s my passion.
  • Emma : The friendships, the exercise, the fun. Love it 🙂
  • Narelle : I have met so many lovely people I am proud to call my friends.
  • Rachel : The wonderful friends I’ve made and keep making in this friendly association. I also love hearing about ex students making a BJP comeback!!!
  • Laura : Having watched as a Physie Mum for 11yrs I am now giving it a go myself. I have always enjoyed the Physie family, fun, friendships and watching with pride my daughter compete, now I can totally understand the personal challenge also. Love it.
  • Sabrina : I love physie/BJP because it’s my second family, it’s my whole life, it taught me my lefts and rights, it had a major impact on my life which is unforgettable and gave me so many opportunities, my mum’s face when I’m come off the floor after competing and no matter what result I get she is still happy I did my best, it’s seeing all the amazing dancers and having the grand champion as your idol or just even someone from your club! It’s being the best u can be and even if u don’t win everyone is still proud of you, that’s why I love physie.