As a mother and teacher I watch with wonder at the innocent trust in every small person I observe.  There is so much potential in every new child that I see.  Current research indicates that there are a number of ways to help our girls become the confident women of the future. These include:

–         empowering them with the sense of “I can do this” …

–         encouraging them to identify their own character …

–         giving them examples of strong female leadership …

–         introducing them to skills that they can use …

–         giving them the opportunity to practise and apply those skills.

Physie is uniquely placed to provide all of this for young girls today.

In my own life physie has played an integral part in developing confidence and belief in myself.  I had strong female role models all around me and I learned much from them.  I learned not only that “I can do this” but that “WE can do this” as part of a team working together.  I learned how to help others and be recognised by my peers.  I was taught to learn from my mistakes and how to cope when things don’t work out well.  These are invaluable skills for a woman to have.

I would love every girl to have that same opportunity and so I hope that BJP will always provide the kind of environment in which our girls will grow, not only into tomorrow’s teachers and leaders, but into healthy, happy women.

Candice Wolfson


May 23rd, 2024|

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