The Granite Belt YMCA Physie Club held its second annual Workshop/Camp last weekend with record numbers in attendance. They brought the camp forward a month hoping it wouldn’t be as cold as last year, but even a minus 3 degree morning (!!) couldn’t keep the members from attending.

The Everton club, Granite Belt’s Sister club, even braved the cold weather and brought 10 members down to attend.

The club was lucky enough to be able to use the Fred Rogers YMCA Recreational Facilities at Storm King Dam, Stanthorpe where 36 members stayed over night. This venue gave it that real ‘camp’ feel and was a great way for the girls to get to know each other better.

The club had 82 members from Tiny Tots to Ladies take part in the weekend doing many activities such as stretch, marching, syllabus and craft. The teachers were thrilled with the number of beginners who attend the camp (59 of them only started physie this year or last year) and all had a marvellous time.

They even overheard one little girl say to her mum, “This is awesome I want to do Physie for the rest of my life!”  Now THAT’S what we love to hear!