There simply are no downsides to living a healthy lifestyle and one of the key ways to be healthy is to maintain physical fitness through regular exercise. To some that’s a four letter word and to others it’s a joy. If you’re in the first category, changing the way you feel about exercise can literally change your life. (If you’re already an exercise junkie then make sure you don’t overdo it and put too much strain on your body.)

A consistent program of 20 minutes’ brisk exercise each day has so many benefits. But what exactly does “brisk” mean? It means you need to start sweating. If you’re not sweating, you will need to work a little harder. Here’s the good news: 20 minutes if the perfect amount of time to do your Physie routines through twice without any breaks and that should make you sweat! Easy.

Apart from helping your immunity, here’s a few more benefits: improved cognitive function, better circulation, stronger joints, increased muscle strength, injury prevention, better posture and fewer back problems, better sleep, better skin and improved self-esteem. It’s a win-win.

Remember when you exercise the pattern should always be warm up, stretch, sweat, cool down. Here’s a suggested plan for 20 minutes of physie at home:

  1. 2 minutes: Warm up – gentle jog on the spot or marching
  2. 2 minutes: Stretch – major muscle groups
  3. 14 minutes: Sweat – 5 physie routines straight through twice
  4. 2 minutes: Cool down – slow stretchy movements

If you need to shorten it, do the physie routines just once but don’t cut out the other steps.

Build muscle mass because this will keep connective tissue and joints stronger, meaning less likelihood of injury. Move every day, even if it’s just one run through of your Physie routines. Every little bit helps.

“The best exercise is the one you’re going to do.”

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