1689779_10152786142376758_1661116048_nThere’s nothing quite so cute as a new Physie preschooler – meet Zooey-Belle from NSW. She’s just starting out on a long journey with Physie.  And she loves it!

She’s learning to dance, sing, clap, jump, spin, zoom, scoot, twirl and fly!  She’s also learning to use her muscles and teaching her body how to be strong.  (And just as importantly… she’s learning how to stand still and listen.)Preschoolers 6 - low rez

Get ready Zooey-Belle… there’s SO much more to come. You will make friends, laugh, cry, be part of a team, perform in front of hundreds, love your teacher (you probably already do) and love yourself. Yes! Yourself ! Your confidence will grow and you will be proud of yourself. And so will your teacher.  And so will your mum (and your Aunty Megan!)