“Hi, my name is Katie and I’m in the 14 years and started Physie when I was 4. I love Physie for the leotards, the butterflies you get before you compete, the long hours of practice for comps and the friendships you make. Westside Physie club is fantastic because our teachers make learning the syllabus fun and enjoyable. All of the girls are very lovely and it’s a calm, although disciplined, environment to be in. You make so many amazing friendships doing Physie and it’s always awesome doing something you love with your friends. I look forward to the competitions and meeting new friends. My inspiration for Physie is my Grandma, Helen Swane, who was an Opera House Champion and a Physie Teacher. Sadly, she passed away when I was only 5 years old but I still feel connected to her through Physie. Here are some photos of her medals (and some of me!).”

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