“Unless commitment is made there are only promises and hopes, but no plans.”
Peter F Drucker

It’s pretty hard these days to get commitment.  People are busy. Parents are busy.  But when we are part of a physie team we have to commit – to each other and to the end goal.  We have to turn up each week and get to team practices, even when it’s cold in winter or there’s something really big on TV or we get a better offer.  And if the team starts to feel like someone is letting the side down, they soon tell them.

This is a good thing!  It’s important for our kids to learn about commitment from an early age.  It can certainly be said that children these days have a sense of entitlement.  But with entitlement comes responsibility.  Fulfilling your responsibility to the team is a great life lesson for girls and young women. It means being true to your word and living up to your team-mates expectations of you.

Sometimes when there just aren’t enough girls to make up a team, someone gets left out.  This is really hard for kids to accept – especially if they feel entitled to participate in everything. (It can be even harder for the parents to accept). But, to use an old-fashioned expression, it’s character building.  To miss out on the team but to stick at your sport until next year shows great determination and should be encouraged.

Being in a physie team makes you stronger – you have to push yourself to keep up with the others.  And you learn to respect each other – you appreciate all your team members because you need each and every one of them if you want to succeed. But best of all, once you really make that commitment to the team, then everything is shared – you share the win, you share the loss, you share the experience and you share the memories. And they last forever.

“If everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself.” Henry Ford