From the newest Sydney physie club in located in Canterbury…

“After being involved with an established club for so many years, setting up a brand new club – Sydney City Physie – has been a huge challenge for my own self confidence and abilities. I realised I’m responsible for teaching this class and there isn’t anyone back me up – it’s all up to me!

But teaching these young girls who have never experienced physie before is a special gift – it’s brought me back to the basics and reminded me after all these years how important the basics are, no matter how experienced you are. I have been doing physie now for almost 40 years and for the first time in a very long time I am learning again the basics of what physie’s all about while teaching these beautiful girls.

For all the energy and time I give, I receive it back ten-fold. These young girls are so inspiring in the way they are learning, the enthusiasm they bring, the excitement they share and the relationship they allow me to be part of. I’m helping to build their talents, their self-confidence and their sense of worth and that’s really exciting.”