This week we’re focussing on that special relationship between mums and their daughters when they both belong to physie. Here’s what a few mums have said:

“To be able to share an interest is really something special.”

“This is something we’ll always be able to share, my daughter and I, because we can do this even when we’re both old!”

“It’s such a good bonding thing – we get to talk about stuff in the car every week on the way to and from physie…”

“It’s just nice to spend time together, away from everything else.  It’s GIRL time.”

And this comment from a teacher: “I love seeing mums and daughters enjoying something like physie together – having a healthy, interactive relationship nd benefitting from everything that comes out of that.  And also I think it’s great for younger girls and teenagers to see other mums and daughters getting on – that happy mother-daughter thing – to see that it can work.”

More in the next few days…