Happy Lacey. - CopyWhen Lacie’s Mum first discovered Physie she wasn’t sure if 4 year old Lacie would fit in – she has  Global Delay and can be difficult at times, throwing tantrums when things don’t go her way.

In the first few classes her Physie teacher avoided tantrums with distractions each time she saw “that look” in Lacie’s eyes!  There were a few tears and complaints that she was tired so she was given the chance to rest and join in when she felt better.

Last week there was indeed a full blown tantrum when the weekly class award was given to another girl!  It was explained to Lacie that, to get the award, girls had to work hard in class, do the right thing, and stay on the floor the whole class apart from drink breaks.

This week Lacie informed her teacher that she was going to work hard and stay on the floor so she could get the trophy!  And…  to everyone’s delight she did just that!  She amazed me with her determination and effort so I was very happy to genuinely award her the weekly trophy” said teacher Lyn. “You can see from the photo how very happy and proud she was!  For me it really reinforced BJP’s motto of “Empowering Girls for Life”.  I believe that in just a few short weeks we have made a real difference to Lacie – making her feel welcome and accepted, and giving her the opportunity to give her best.”