IMG_0917 (2)It just goes to show, you can’t stop a physie girl!  The rain came down and the show went on.  In fact, it was the best one yet.  The girls were amazing, remembered all the routines and made all their patterns and formations without a hitch.


Thanks again to all our teachers for helping out and especially to our choreographer Emma and to Alicia for organising everything and not losing any kids! 🙂

The girls looked fantastic on the big screen and we can’t wait to see the video footage.  We’re not sure how but the show just keeps getting better each year…. how will they top it next year?

If you’ve got some great photos, please send them in and we’ll post them up.  Click on read the full post to read what people said about the show…


“Congratulations on another wonderful Easter Show Presentation. I know that a lot of behind the scenes work goes into making it so successful. Just wanted you to know that both myself and all my girls appreciate all you do to make it such a special and fun time for them all.” 

“It was the best fun – it was even more fun doing it in the rain. Can’t wait to do it again next year!!”

“Thank you for all your efforts with the Easter show my students had a blast and loved it and they really appreciated the opportunity to dance in such a special event!”

Up in the restaurant overlooking the main arena a dad was overhead saying: “That’s physie… It used to be all about tan and hair but it looks really healthy now.” Yay! People are getting the message – we are all about dancing and being healthy, strong and happy!